Yeditepe University Department of Architecture provides an architectural education program considering the interdisciplinary aspects of architecture profession. It offers its students a broad curriculum which varies from history classes to design studios, basic design classes and modeling in computer aided design.​

Architectural objects

Industrial Desgin

The primary aim of the Deparment of Industrial Design is to train the highly qualified designers according to the needs of present day society. The academic program therefore involves design studies in a variety of fields so as to meet the ever changing demands of industry. The studies comprise the design of all the materials, tools, furniture etc. realted to the fields of production and consumption. The academic program is designed in such a way as to enable students to meet the challenges of the present day as well as the future. The goal of the department is to raise the students as designers - living the day but thinking and shaping the future.

Pretty Industrial Engineer Studying Blueprint

Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture Department aims to train interior architects who can accomplish to design interior places for human, define users needs with the analysis of environments, design interior environment according to the psychological and sentimental needs of consumers’, conceptualize the design with in the updated theories, have the knowledge of technical information parallel to international professional standards, able to create independently and also work in a multidisipliner group as a team player, know the professional responsibilities and rules.

Modern interior design 3D rendering

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

In the rapid urbanization process of the contemporary world, the disconnect between nature and humans is increasing day by day. The importance of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture workspace is becoming more and more important in preventing and eliminating this problem. Our department educates designer individuals who are competent at a national and international level, open to developments and respectful to nature. Topics covered within this framework include urban parks, city squares, coastal arrangements, holiday villages, landscaping of tourism areas, natural and cultural protected areas, etc. The job opportunities for Urban Design and Landscape Architects are increasing rapidly in our country as well as in western countries.

Traffic on bridge, urban skyline in background