Applications are now open for the International Admission for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

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International students who have earned a high school diploma from a school outside of Turkey which is recognized as equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma, or who are currently enrolled in the last year of such a high school, may be candidates for the international Bachelor’s Degree admissions.

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Having continued to improve and grow since the day it was founded, our university is a dynamic institution of higher education that is one of the largest foundation universities in Turkey. With its scientific research, articles that are published internationally, alumni and successes, Yeditepe University took its place among the pioneering institutions of higher education and it will continue to represent our country internationally by raising its position even further in years to come.

Prof. Canan AYKUT BİNGÖL Rector
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The ISTEK family, which has been born out of self-sacrifice and a commitment to love and respect for humanity, owes its existence to the vision of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. As his ardent followers, Atatürk's daughters and sons possess the qualities that he set for and expects from the Turkish nation. The educational revolution is one of the most significant revolutions that best reflect Atatürk's productivity and timeless personality. Education is a serious business; it is also a sacred endeavor. As the Great Leader Atatürk has put it, educators must be dedicated to raising generations with no impediments to their minds, consciences and wisdom. This was our aim in setting up the ISTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University.

Bedrettin DALAN The Founding President
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By signing cooperation agreements with leading universities primarily in Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada, Russia, South America and the Far East, Yeditepe University makes it possible for its students to see different cultures, observe educational developments where they happen and experience intercultural exchanges. Student Exchange Protocols and Memorandum of Understanding agreements have been signed with universities in the US, Canada, China and Russia. Apart from these greements, within the framework of LLP – Life Long Learning Erasmus program, there are agreements with more than 700 European universities in place. Thanks to its large network of collaborations, students and lecturers from different faculties and departments can go abroad for their education. We also hold the first place among foundation universities in terms of being the university with the most foreign students by Erasmus and Exchange programs.